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The philosophy behind our pricing is to be simple and straight-forward.   A number of factors helped us determine the right price for our services and products; and they include the following:

1) Consistency, Style and Quality – As you look through our work, you’ll see consistency in a style of photography and post production that is unique to Miami Elite Photography.

2) Our Service - At any point in the process, before, during, and after the wedding, you’ll have a point of contact with us. Having us here to help you scheduling your engagement photo sessions, experience opinion on how to plan your day, and answer any other questions. We ensure that we’ll always get back to you quickly and we’ll always be available.

2) Post Production - All of our images are professionally edited as part of our post production. Our style of editing is applied to all images for optimum photo quality.

3) No Gimmicks or Hidden Costs - Our packages contain a varying amount of Services, Albums, Enlargements, and hours of coverage. However, in every package, we include the image DVD of full-resolution, fully-post produced JPEGS. We’re not here to upsell on products after the wedding or throw in hidden costs. Our services for hire will be fully state on our contract.

4) Equipment - We’re using top-of-the-line photography and cinematography equipment, we’re not just showing up with a camera and a couple lenses, but instead, we’re equipped with the lighting equipment necessary to make the most out of any scene. There are times that our equipment cases include upwards of $50,000. A camera is not enough to create beautiful imagery.

5) Backups - All images are backed up on site, taken into the studio and backed up twice and uploaded to an off site backup location once they're finalized.

6) Qualified Second Shooters - We’ve review applicants to find the right people to work with us. Besides looking through their portfolios and equipment listings, each of our second shooters go through extensive training with our studio, both on the job and with internal workshops. Most of our shooters have been with us for multiple years.

All of these factors have helped us determine our pricing.  Our average wedding photography package varies and can be customized to fit ALL budgets; from 2 hours ceremony coverage all the way up to full day coverages (including prep/getting ready, ceremony, formalities, reception and much more). All packages can be customized to fit your needs. Contact us for pricing 786-300-1106.

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Wedding in Miami

Miami Wedding Photography 
by Miami Elite Photography. 
Our experienced journalistic team is considered one of the best Miami wedding photographers. 

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Miami Wedding Photography

We are a South Florida Based wedding photographer and wedding videographer, our coverage provides for candid pictures as well as traditional professionally posed portraits. All with an ultimate goal of telling your story. Capturing images for a lifelong preservation of memories through our photographs to any bride and groom in Miami, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and throughout Florida. Miami Elite Photography' stands out from the rest of the photographers for their stylish way of capturing the beautiful storytelling images throughout  the wedding day without the couple noticing or taking too much time away from their special day. Unobtrusively our Miami photography team blends into your wedding to capture every moment and emotion that takes place during the wedding. Our clients love our services for the quality they receive and for the warm personality our team presents—making the couple and their guest feel at ease from beginning to end of the celebration. Miami Elite Photography has been a full service photography team with over 10 years experience. The core services also include Miami quinceañera photography, family portraits, and corporate event photography & video coverage for clients in and around Miami and Palm Beach FL, and for destinations weddings. We like to call it our Miami Photography -- because we embrace the beauty of this city and bring it to our clients! 

Miami Elite Photography was founded by Yobe and Lazaro in 2009. The inception of Miami Elite Photography occurred by covering Miami's Elite Society events and from there invitations to cover one wedding a month turned into two weddings a month and so on. Thus, now Miami Elite Photography is almost exclusively covering the Art of Romance -- by providing second to none Wedding Photography — not just from a photojournalistic approach, also, from a Fashion Photography and Commercial Photography — where the quality of every image must be capture with the idea of it being published in a magazine. That's the approach Yobe and Lazaro take onto every every event.

More importantly it is to capture not only images that will surpass magazine standards of your wedding but rather imagery that will allow you and your loved ones to re-live the Special Moments just by revisiting your Wedding Photography Album. These are the timeless seconds you want to keep fresh in your mind; and the only way to do that is through a professional photographers. Once captured they will remain a memory for the rest of your life and through generations to come. No matter what expression is being expressed, we all want to remember them all.

Currently focusing on the things mentioned above and most dominantly Wedding PhotographyPortraits PhotographyChildren PhotographyFamilies PhotographyMaternity PhotographyQuinces Photography, First Holy Communion PhotographyCommercial PhotographyArchitectural Photography and also Fashion Photography

Miami Elite Photography is based in Miami, FL - Serving South Florida: Miami-Dade, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach County.

Read Our Blog to see latest projects we've worked on, our latest wedding photography and pictures of the Amazing South Florida Wedding Venues we have just miles away.

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